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Ranch House Doors is proud to showcase our Full Custom Contemporary Collection garage doors. Our Contemporary Collection garage doors set the standard for new, clean and modern lines and these gorgeous designs are what separate’s Ranch House Doors from other garage door manufacturing companies. We don’t just copy other garage door designs.


We have invested thousands to work with the most progressive and contemporary architects in the world to create new and exciting door designs and to improve upon the best of the best contemporary doors from around the world. At Ranch House Doors we are artisans. Our doors are the results of matching our expertise in building the highest quality doors and with your vision of your dream garage door.


We are proud to offer these Contemporary Collection Garage Doors that draw the best of modern design into the Ranch House Doors heritage. Our Contemporary doors deliver clean, modern lines and distinctive styles, all with the quality and craftsmanship you expect from Ranch House Doors. The non-ornamental and "form over function" designs summarize the movement of the Contemporary Style. While the Ranch House Door Contemporary garage door is beautiful in every right, its look of durability and its rejection of historical details brings highlights to its seemingly simple lines and stark contrasts of angles, following the architectural aspects of modernism. So embrace the bold architectural features of modernism without compromising your standards and visions.


At Ranch House Doors we take great pride in our Contemporary Collection garage doors and we work closely with the home owner, architect, and builder to create the perfect Contemporary garage door. At Ranch House Doors we are re-defining the entrance. If you can think it or dream it, Ranch House Doors can build it.

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