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Ranch House Doors Entry Doors add texture and complement the fit and finish of your homes architectural lines. Upgrade and accessorize the Ranch House Doors with side lites and transoms featuring decorative artisan glass or molding. Curved transoms can include elliptical and other custom radii or shapes. Detailed to your design, built to last, and crafted with the consideration of a home’s heritage, Ranch House Doors builds custom front doors to accommodate your design requirements, site dimensions and to marry up to the architectural lines of your home.
In both wood and metal panels, complemented by various millwork options, the entry door is a showpiece. When coordinated with Ranch House Door garage doors, the union of complementing character, dimension, and materials make the entrance to your home, a very powerful and personal statement.
Ranch House Doors Entry Doors use a pre-hung entry door system and are composed of the finest materials for ease of installation and long-lasting beauty. With just the rough opening dimensions and product specifications, Ranch House Doors will build your entry door to fit like a glove – even complex doors with curved jambs, arched windows and exotic wood species. We offer standard and custom jamb widths along with a variety of thresholds.
Ranch House Doors Exterior Doors and entry systems offer a full line of custom wood entry doors that make a statement. We offer Fine Woods with handcrafted quality workmanship for reliable performance. These doors are offered in many articulate styles from around the world and from old world feel to the sleek Contemporary designs, our doors are designed and manufactured to complement your home.
At Ranch House Doors, we interpret your vision into a single theme and then design and build garage doors, custom wood entry doors, shutters and gates – perfectly tuned to your overall vision. This is the goal of Ranch House Doors and it is the difference we can bring you.

Custom Entry Doors Specifications


4 Layer Entry Door

Laminate Veneer Lumber (LVL): 1 9/16”
1 9/16” Polystyrene insulation
¼” Luan plywood back
Overlay (Extira): A resin based wood composite designed for exterior use – paint grade applications only
Face (MDO): 3/8 “ MDO (Medium Density Overlay) Plywood for both Smooth and V-Groove



5 Layer Entry Door

Face and Overlay: Materials Vary
Laminate Veneer Lumber (LVL): 1 9/16”
1 9/16” Polystyrene insulation
¼” Luan plywood back



Plywoods Used to create a recessed flat panel appearance

  • MDO (Medium Density Overlay)               : 3/8 “ or 5/8 “: A resin based birch veneer core plywood produced  with phenolic glue for exterior use – paint grade applications only
  • Luan Plywood:  Phenolic glues for exterior use – paint grade applications only
  • Marine Meranti:  A Meranti face with phenolic glues multilayer core, no core voids.  Commonly used in boats.
  • Ribbon Mahogany Plywood:   ¼ “ Sapele Mahogany, book matched veneered
  • Extira:   A resin based wood composite designed for exterior use – paint grade applications only
  • Custom:  Ranch House Entry Doors can  make custom plywood out of any material you would like


Composites and Solid Lumber – Used for tongue and groove face and overlay applications

  • Extira:   A resin based wood composite designed for exterior use – paint grade applications only
  • West Coast Hemlock:  A blonde Vertical grain wood, less expensive than Cedar.  Color consistent.
  • S.T.K.(Select Tight Knot) Western Red Cedar:  Has knots, white sap (young trees) mixed with tan. Rustic looking.
  • Clear Western Red Cedar:  Vertical grain only, to minimize movement, color matching, and longevity FSC.  Color varies from light to dark heart brown.
  • Vertical Grain Doug Fir:  Old growth fine lines of grain.  Pinkish in color
  • African Mahogany:  The Khaya specie tend to be lighter in color, generally more of a salmon/pink in tint. However, dark ribbon and heavy grains can be shown.  Higher movement ratio
  • Genuine Mahogany: Rare, exotic specie that is normally twice the cost of African Mahogany.  Genuine Mahogany varies considerably in color.  It may be yellowish, reddish, pinkish, or salmon colored when freshly cut, maturing into a deep rich red or brown color with age.
  • Superior Alder: The top grade in Alder lumber. Light to pinkish-brown, fine textured with good working properties.   Often refered to as the “Poor Mans Cherry.”
  • Knotty Alder:   Alder with a rustic knotty appearance has fast become one of the most common wood species used in Entry Doors.  Its combination of rustic charm and warm coloring make it a popular choice.
  • Other Hardwoods:   Please note all hardwoods perform well in the elements, especially Alder and Walnut.


Wood Options:   Please note that we offer hundreds of materials for your selection.  All of which are available upon request and will be subject to an  additional charge.



  • Consist of simulated divided lite grilles on exterior and interior.  Window muntins are 1-3/4” wide and interlock together with attachment to sub frame.  If overlays are arched, windows are also arched (Thru and Thru).


  • Glazing of windows is 1/8 “ thick clear double strength glass. (DSB) Tempered.


Misc. Elements:


  • Standard Texture is Smooth.


  • Wire Brushing, Heavy Distressing and Handhewntextures are available upon request.  Changes to texture request will be subject to an additional charge.


  • Stop Molding:  11/16” thick  x  2 ½ ” wide.   Available in all species. 


  • Putty:  All Entry Doors manufactured with Cedar woods do not get putty.  Putty must be special ordered.


Odd Width and Odd Height Entry Doors:


  • Width:                  If the door exceeds 3 inches in width from RHD standard width sizes you must go to the next    wider Entry Door size.   Example:  If Entry Door is 3 ‘ 4 “ in width, you must use the 3’ 6” width Entry Doors.


  • Height:                 If the Entry Door height exceeds 2” in height from RDH standard heights you must go to the next higher Entry Door size.  Example:  If Entry Door is 6’ 11” in height, you must use the 7 ‘ high Entry Doors.


Warranty Conditions:


Standard Warranty – 1 year Limited Warranty  -  Please reference our complete warranty information.  


Please be aware of the impact of direct sunlight, poor drainage and / or other extenuating circumstances such as poor service, that may compromise the longevity of the lumber, and may void the warranty.