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The Ranch House Door custom forged hinge straps are beautifully edge-hammered designs that speak to times past and are also quite elegant. The bolt heads can be interchanged with diamond or pyramid clavos to give it a heavier look. These designs really pop against the wood grain of the Ranch House Door garage door, entry door, gate or shutter. They can be painted black which will make a perfect contrast against any wooden garage door or gate. They can also be painted brown which will blend nicely with the wood.

Decorative iron-forged corner straps are used in many of the Ranch House Doors garage and entry doors to accentuate the old world architectural essence of our designs. For example, a fleur de lis design at the end of an iron corner strap can be used to add a heavier, more rustic look to your custom garage doors and gates alike. Further enhancing the rustic look of the old world blacksmithing techniques, these corner straps are hand- hammered to give it age and bring back yesteryear's architectural essence.

At Ranch House Doors we have hinges that could have easily been pulled out of a Medieval castle door. They are highly decorative pieces that demands attention on any of the Ranch House Door garage doors, entry doors or gates. The size and heavy appearance of our hinges do not fall short from what old world blacksmithing standards would demand. This is why our decorative iron hardware looks and feels like the real thing. Our hinges are designed and built to replicate the hinges used in old world architecture.

Ranch House Door hinges are crafted with great skill using methods centuries old to accomplish the charming essence of the years past. When allowed to rust over the years these hinges only get better. Age gives these decorative iron hinges architectural taste that becomes even more appealing over time.