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Garage door purists agree that there is nothing more authentic than a Ranch House Door Swing Out or Sliding garage door. These beautiful built doors take us back to the true carriage doors of yore. These classic designed and built doors are favorites among period and country home remodels. And like all Ranch House garage doors, these exceptional garage doors are meticulously handcrafted from the finest hardwoods available and utilizing state of the art production processes ensuring a lifetime of beautiful and reliable performance of the Ranch House Door garage door.


True carriage or swing-style garage doors operate like a pair of very big French doors for the garage. They typically hang from jambs on hinges. Swing-style garage doors look good, with their strong vertical lines often helping to integrate the garage with the rest of the home. In addition, Ranch House Door swinging doors tend to be more energy-efficient, because they seal well at the header and side jambs and only have one joint.


Sliding-style garage doors also are great accents to almost any home. In addition the sliding-style door design can save the homeowner valuable space or room in front and inside the garage. The swing of a traditional swing out garage door can take up space in front of the garage doors and the more modern sectional garage door hardware takes up ceiling space and along the sides of the door opening inside the garage. By going with a sliding door the homeowner can save that precious square footage for other things.


At Ranch House Doors we believe that a Swing Out or Sliding garage door adds a touch of historical charm to any home. Whether you are building your dream home, dream garage, or looking for that “thing” to set your house apart from your neighbors, the Swing Out or Sliding garage doors by Ranch House Doors can help. These unique designs reflect what happens when the creativity and passion of the home owner meets the skill and craftsmanship of Ranch House Doors.