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How do I start the design process?
Need some inspiration? Take a look at our collection of beautiful doors. You can also view our brochures for additional ideas. Complete the quote form found here or give us a call at 951-278-2884 to discuss more about the look you are trying to achieve.
Am I able to customize my garage door?
Of course! At Ranch House Doors, our goal is to create custom designs that achieve your overall vision. We help turn your inspirations into custom doors that complement the architecture or your home.
Are there any design limitations?
It is important to keep functionality in mind when designing a door. A design may look great but may not function properly as a door. Our expert service team can help guide you through the process of ensuring functionality meets design.
Do you recommend paint grade or stain grade for my project?
When deciding between paint-grade and stain-grade, consider the amount of sun your door will be exposed to, the color of the door you are selecting, and the level of maintenance. Our team of experts can help recommend the best route to take given your needs.
What materials do you recommend?
Each door from Ranch House Doors is built using only the highest quality materials. Keep in mind that certain wood species perform better than others given the application and environmental circumstances.
Should I go with an overhead door or a swing out?
When deciding to go with an overhead door versus a swing-out, consider application, size and cost. Overhead doors are convenient and operate using a garage door motor. You will have more freedom in selecting a size and costs will be lower. Swing-out doors on the other hand, provide an authentic, carriage door look. Swing-outs can provide a cleaner look, free of track and hardware; however, there will be limitations on sizing and costs may increase.
Do you build custom gates and shutters?
At Ranch House Doors, we don’t just stop at garage doors. We also build custom entry doors, shutters, and pedestrian gates. If you decide you’d like to match the design of your garage door, we can do that, too!
Why should I choose a wood garage door?
Our custom wood garage doors are backed by decades of experience. Our premium products are inspired by style, innovation, craftsmanship, and design. Each board is hand-selected during the construction process to ensure only high-quality products are used.
Do you have special size doors available?
Ranch House Doors specializes in customizing doors to fit your needs. Give us a call today to discuss how we can build a door that works for you.
What sizes do your doors come in?
Standard door widths are 8′, 9′, 10′, 12 for single garage doors and 16′, and 18′ for double garage doors. Standard door heights are from 7′ to 10′. Check with your local dealer for custom garage doors extended height/model availability.
I am interested in a wood door, what are my available options?
At Ranch House Doors, we provide many options for real wood and also some wood product options as well. Visit our Options page to learn more about our species of wood.
Do I need to have the windows at the top of the door?
Windows are an option. If you see a body design you like, but do not want windows, just reference that request without windows!
Am I able to replace my one-piece door with a sectional door?
While this can typically be done, it is best to contact your local garage dealer to evaluate the job prior to installation. Your installer will most likely need to install a track and spring in order to accommodate a sectional door. There may be additional modifications and costs depending on the construction of your garage.
What is the difference between Full vs Semi Custom doors?

Semi Custom doors are “Rail and Stiles” door converted with wide stiles and designs are limited.  So Semi will always have a “Horizontal” rail going through the design. Semi Custom doors are very cost effective, about 20-30% less for stock materials. On Semi Custom doors, the materials are limited and the “face” of door is a stain grade Meranti Plywood. Full Custom, you can hide the horizontal rails and the designs are unlimited along with different species available. 


How do I purchase a Ranch House Doors product?
We work solely with authorized dealers. Please contact us to find a dealer located near you.
How long does the order process take?
An order can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on where you are in the process and how much customization is required.


What is the warranty?
Click here to view Ranch House Doors warranty information. 
Are black doors included in the Warranty?
Black doors are excluded from the warranty with the exception of our full custom doors built with Tricoya®.


Who does your installation?
Ranch House Doors ships nationwide. We work with elite dealers across the country. To find a dealer near you, give us a call.
How do I measure for my garage door?
First, measure the width of the door opening between the right and lefts sides of the finished opening, at the widest point. Next, measure the height of the door opening at the highest point between the floor and the top of the finished opening. Then, measure the width of the areas beside the openings. Measure the area between the top of the door opening to the ceiling or to the lowest obstruction at the ceiling. Finally, measure the distance from the opening to the rear of the garage or the nearest obstruction.
What is headroom, and how much headroom is needed?
Headroom is the distance from the top of the door to the lowest point of clearance at the ceiling. It is one of the most important measurements when building a garage door. Headroom will depend on the type of springs and motor you have installed. Your local dealer can help you determine the required headroom.
What if i do not have the necessary headroom?
Low headroom options are available. Check with your local dealer to find out more information.
What type of motor should I use for my doors?
When selecting a motor, consider your door size, weight and operational use. Our team of experts can help guide you in selecting the right motor for your needs.
What type of spring is better, extension or torsion?
The two main types of springs used in the construction of garage doors are extension springs and torsion springs. Torsion springs are attached to the header just above the top section of the door and create a controlled motion when the door is in operation. Torsion springs help balance the weight of the door and provide a smoother, safer operation. Extension springs are attached to both sides of the door and expand and contract all the way each time the door is in operation.
Why should I choose an insulated door?
Insulation helps increase energy efficiency by controlling temperature. It also helps reduce noise as your garage operates. When selecting a garage door with an R-value, consider your environmental needs – the higher the R-value, the greater the insulation.


What type of care and maintenance is necessary for my steel garage door and hardware?
Ranch House Doors recommends washing your steel door at least one time per year. To clean your pre-finished, steel garage door, mix one cup of mild detergent (containing less than 0.5% phosphate) with five gallons of warm water. Wipe down the door’s surface with a soft cloth, washing behind the weatherstrips on the sides and top of the door. When you are finished removing any dirt and debris from the door, dry the door using slightly damp drying towel.
We also recommend lubricating your rollers and hinges on a yearly basis. Inspect springs and cable for wear each year. Contact your local dealer if you suspect any damage.
How long does a finish last?
Your particular environment must be accounted for in your door selection process. Taking the proper steps to protect the wood from sun and water will ensure the longevity of your Ranch House® Door.
Shrinkage and swelling are natural characteristics of lumber and are not considered to be defects. Ranch House Doors assumes no responsibility for lumber that is simply adjusting to their environment by showing signs of shrinkage and swelling.
How do I paint a wood door?
All surfaces must be clean, free of dirt, grease, dust, or any substance/material that will prevent paint adhesion. Paint Grade Doors must receive a total of three coats of paint on all six sides of the garage door. This includes one coat of primer and two coats of exterior grade finish paint. Both, latex or alkyd paints are acceptable. Some species of wood such as cedar and redwood require tannin stain blocking primers and paints to prevent the acid from bleeding through. Please be aware of this as bleed through is not considered a defect and will not be covered under this warranty. Follow all instructions included with the paint manufacturer as well, failure to do so will void this warranty.
How can I tell when it’s time to refinish my door?
Your specific climate may demand a yearly refinishing process. Your annual inspection will
ensure the longevity of your Ranch House® Door. Yearly inspection of all surfaces of the doors will reveal the extent of weathering and need for refinishing. If weathering has occurred complete refinishing may be necessary on a yearly basis.
How do I clean my wood garage door?
To clean your wood garage door, mix one cup of mild detergent (containing less than 0.5% phosphate) with five gallons of warm water. Wipe down the door’s surface with a soft cloth, removing and dirt and debris. Rinse the door with clean water and leave to dry.
How do I clean my steel garage door?
To clean your pre-finished, steel garage door, mix one cup of mild detergent (containing less than 0.5% phosphate) with five gallons of warm water. Wipe down the door’s surface with a soft cloth, washing behind the weatherstrips on the sides and top of the door. When you are finished removing any dirt and debris from the door, dry the door using slightly damp drying towel.
How do I replace a broken glass and window insert?
Contact your local dealer for further assistance on repairing broken glass and window inserts.