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Ranch House Doors takes incredible pride in our Vintage Collection of full custom garage doors.  We use reclaimed timbers, rustic vintage wood, and antique wood  to create your vision and dream garage door. Our lumber products include west coast species such as Douglas fir, larch, redwood, and cedar.  The midwest and east coast vintage wood products include reclaimed barn wood, recycled barn beams, rustic barn siding, and reclaimed antique barn wood flooring.

Reclaimed vintage wood has unparalleled architectural quality and character, making it perfect for the Ranch House Doors Vintage Collection. Reclaimed lumber like old barn wood is prized by home builders and by Ranch House Doors for its low moisture content, which leads to stability in exposed applications. 

Antique or vintage wood is unrivaled in characteristic due to the natural aging process. As the wood dries and ages, the oxidation occurring on the surface creates the patina, which is difficult to artificially recreate on new lumber.   If the reclaimed wood was located inside the building and not exposed to the elements, it will generally retain its original colors, although mellower. If exposed to the elements, like exterior barn siding, the patina will be a shade of gray with the original colors just below the surface.  

Reclaimed barn wood, salvaged lumber, recycled beams, and vintage timber generally contain varying degrees of wood character marks, which result from previous joinery. These include bolt holes, nail holes, mortises, notches, and the seasoning checks that appear as the material air dries over the years. 

The Ranch House Doors Vintage Collection doors are available “as is” with all of the original character of the lumber. Or, the reclaimed lumber can be re-manufactured with a sawn, hand hewn, sanded, or surfaced appearance to your specifications. The reclaimed barn wood products come with their own inherent character and usually only require a light sanding to enhance the appearance.  Reclaimed wood flooring products are available in a variety of species, sizes, and surface appearances.