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African Mahogany

Color from light pink to reddish brown, a very distinct grain. Highly lustrous and durable.

Alder - Knotty

A more rustic look. Alder absorbs stain very evenly.

Birch - Red

Light colored sapwood. Heartwood is dark brown tinged with red. Wood is hard and strong.

Birch - White

Fine and uniform texture. Mostly white but as it nears the core will show brown flame patterns.

Cedar - Clear Western Red

Renowned for its high impermeability to liquids and its natural phenol preservatives, ideal for exterior use.

Cedar - Spanish

A high durability and resistance to moisture-induced defects make it useful for outdoor.

Cedar - Select Tight Knot

Inter-grown (live) knots are the major characteric of Western Red Cedar STK.


Hard and heavy with good strength properties, in particular its high resistance to abrasion and wear.

Oak - Red

Red Oak has strength, wearability and appealing grain characteristics. Takes stain very well.

Oak - White

Has a pale yellow-brown color. The grain pattern is not as pronounced as red oak.

Redwood Clear A

Resistant to shrinking, warping and checking. Very durable. Has grown-in resistance to decay and insects.

Vertical Grain Doug Fir

Strong, generally straight, and stable. The wood is moderately resistant to decay.


Known as fine hardwood. Its heartwood is a dark chocolate brown. Sapwood is lighter.

West Coast Hemlock

Great overall uniformity of coloring. It is very stable with little tendency to cup, check or twist.

Douglas Fir

AS IS DOUGLAS FIR – has a light reddish-brown color with prominent growth rings and a slightly lighter sapwood. Douglas Fir can come straight grained, mixed, wavy or even spiral. Douglas Fir can have very tight growth rings. It comes with the visible hardware (nails, screws, clavos and etc) removed and end damage trimmed.

Grey Board

AS IS GRAY BOARD – This is a reclaimed wood product recovered straight off the farm. Typically, it has been outdoors for an extended period and has the resulting weathered gray patina with profound checking. It is usually a mix of Douglas Fir, Larch. and Pine. This wood product is usually used to create or match a more rustic theme.

Barn Siding (Mixed Oak)

BARN SIDING (Mixed Oak) – Recycled barn siding is available in an “AS IS” condition with the visible hardware removed and end damage trimmed. This product is NOT SANDED. It comes with a wide array of gray to brown patinas. The face will usually have a raised grain gray/brown patina with the circular or band sawn markings.